“Chris Murphy is an awesome comedian and coach. The guy knows what he’s talking about. I took his class and learned a ton. He creates a warm environment, makes it really fun and knows what it takes to be a great comic. I would recommend it for anyone who is thinking about learning Stand-Up Comedy. I took his class and years later was a Finalist on Last Comic Standing and just performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He really cares about his students and it shows.” 
~ ADAM HUNTER, Comedian

“Chris Murphy’s comedy experience and knowledge is like no other. His ability to write, edit, and showcase polished jokes has helped guide me into the comedian I am today. Talking to him and sharing my experiences with him, made me feel comfortable and confident on stage. There’s no doubt about it, that without the help of Chris Murphy, I wouldn’t be the comedian I am today.”
~ ADAM GLYN From the show TMZ

“Chris Murphy is an amazing teacher. His critiques are very individual, constructive and insightful. You can immediately see progress. I recommend him to any person who is serious about stand-up.”

“If I were a new comic, and was considering a comedy teacher, believe me Chris Murphy would definitely be my top pick.”
~ RICH VOS, From Comedy Central and radio personality



“When I started stand-up I lacked confidence and stage presence. I took Chris Murphy’s comedy course and it was the perfect, supportive atmosphere, to jump-spring my comedy career. In my 1 year of class, I probably gained 3-5 years of experience because Chris helped me learn how to perform onstage, and conduct myself off stage. I learned so much and felt confident enough to keep going after class.”
~ MATTY GOLDBERG, Comedian/ Actor

“Chris Murphy is a walking encyclopedia of comedy. He has the experience, knows the methods and techniques of writing and getting laughs on stage, and has lived comedy and shared laughs with just about everybody who’s anybody in the industry.
When I’m looking for an answer or inside information fast, I don’t even bother with Google, I call Chris Murphy.
I recommend him as a comedy coach to anyone who’s serious about getting into this business. Chris is also a working comic – and a funny one. When I was talent booker for the TV show “A&E’s An Evening at the Improv” in Hollywood, I scheduled Chris Murphy to do the show. I remember five applause breaks during his set (which didn’t happen a lot – trust me). Of course that was good for Chris – but even better, he made me look like a talent-finding genius. But for me it was no secret. I’ve known for a long time that he’s funny, has experience, and is someone you can count on. So just follow my lead – call Chris Murphy. ”

~ DAVE SCHWENSEN author of “How To Be A Working Comic,” “Comedy FAQs And Answers,” and “Comedy Workshop.” Also former talent coordinator for the TV show “A&E’s An Evening at the Improv,” the Hollywood Improv and New York’s Original Improvisation.